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Jason Lewis: No cuts to Military-Industrial Complex is big mistake for Romney

(The Subsidiarity Times) In response to a caller discussing the debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama over cutting federal government subsidies to PBS, talk show host Jason Lewis revealed that he felt Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney was making a big mistake by not considering cuts to government programs all across the board, including the Military-Industrial Complex.

Lewis began by pointing out the dangers of the people who are voted into power in government picking and choosing who to subsidize and who to cut, the infighting it causes amongst the several different groups and how it shows that everything the government spends money on needs to be laid on the table for cuts otherwise the rapidly growing government debt will never be brought under control.

“Frankly I’m a big advocate of Romney’s, everybody knows, but I think he is making a big mistake by not putting the Military-Industrial Complex on the table for modest cuts” said Lewis, “You’ve got to put everything on the table and then all of the sudden when one person says ‘Hey wait a minute, I want my subsidy!’ you get an entirely different sort of paradigm or an entirely different reaction. Everybody else says ‘Hey pal, I’m taking mine, you take yours too!’ Right now, when nobody takes a cut, its ‘why should mine get cut, when nobody else is getting cut?!'”

Lewis then wrapped up his analysis of the situation by stating: “Somehow we have got to make this shift in America if we are ever going to get a four trillion dollar federal budget back to about a trillion dollars where it ought to be and a trillion dollars ain’t beanbag.”

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Professor Wall is a young Historical Investigator, Independent Journalist and History/Government Teacher. A student of politics and history since the age of nine, he believes in the Principle of Subsidiarity and so describes himself, not as a Liberal, Conservative, or Libertarian, but as a States Rights Subsidiarist. He enjoys reading histories, watching documentaries and listening to Andy Williams, Roger Whittaker and Mannheim Steamroller.


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