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Jason Lewis: Liberals have seeped into the Libertarian Party

(The Subsidiarity Times) In discussing with a caller the Libertarian Party and its presidential candidate Gary Johnson, talk show host Jason Lewis analyzed what he felt was the problem with the Libertarian Party and a significant portion of the Libertarian movement.

“The problem with the Libertarian Party per se is they get sidetracked on a lot of social stuff” said Lewis, who then outlined his similarities and differences with Libertarians on the social issues such as the War on Drugs, the Pro-Life issue and the Marriage issue.

“You got to understand something” Lewis followed up: “Right now, the single biggest impediment to human freedom in America, the single biggest violation of every American’s rights comes directly, squarely in the economic arena. It doesn’t matter if the government lets you smoke dope; it doesn’t matter if the government lets you get an abortion; if they can force you to work until May for the tax man you are not a free human being. So keep it focused on economics and all of the sudden you may end up losing a few libertarians whose sole goal is to legalize gay marriage, abortion and marijuana and thats where they lose a lot of people. Libertarians in the old days used to be focused first and foremost on the economy, but you’ve had a lot of liberals seep into the movement and they don’t care about re-distribution of wealth, they care about some of these tangential issues and that I think is a mistake.”

All things considered, the denial of the right to life for children, the erosion of the right to religious freedom and the denial of the rights of individuals to trial by jury are all much bigger impediments to human freedom then the economic factor. However, especially in these times of economic hardship, much of America sees the restrictions to their economic freedom as much more of an impediment to their freedom then the social issues. So in that sense, Lewis is correct in saying that Libertarians should focus more on the economy then the social issues if they want to appeal to a broader swath of the American electorate.

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About Professor Wall

Professor Wall is a young Historical Investigator, Independent Journalist and History/Government Teacher. A student of politics and history since the age of nine, he believes in the Principle of Subsidiarity and so describes himself, not as a Liberal, Conservative, or Libertarian, but as a States Rights Subsidiarist. He enjoys reading histories, watching documentaries and listening to Andy Williams, Roger Whittaker and Mannheim Steamroller.


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